For centuries, brave and curious seekers have ventured into the wilderness hoping to find answers to life’s big questions. When times are tough, either personally or culturaly, even more so. The ancient quest usually involved epic journeys across faraway lands in hopes of finding that one wise sage on a mountain who can unlock the mysteries. These quests and questions were as important then as they are now.

There is good news in these days. The sage elders still exist. The ancient wisdom has been passed down and is as relevant as ever. The answers you are seeking actually already live in your DNA, and they key to unlocking then is closer than you realize.

Our quest is about an epic journey inward to tap into your own wisdom and the wisdom of the earth so you can imagine and create the next chapter of your life.

What are we questing for?

Many people are wondering when things will get back to normal. We actually have no desire to go back to the old normal, as we believe there is a bigger opportunity before us – to design a new normal. The real potential of this moment is our ability to make different choices as we rebuild and move forward.

“To make an end is to make a beginning.
The end is where we start from.”
says T.S. Elliot.

We want to begin a movement of people who are called forward to create a new normal for ourselves and our communities that will have a lasting impact of good far into the future.

We are on a quest to understand what we want that future to look like. What new roles could we play?

The way of questing is rooted in nature as our teacher, building upon the old Earth Wisdom teachings of the native American people. Ths indigenous wisdom is about the role of human beings in connection with each other and nature.

Our daily lived experiences has completely shifted over the past two centuries, and more rapidly in the past several months. Human nature, at our core, has not. We are still wired by the same timeless principles of what it means to be at our best, to live balanced lives that allow us to reach our fullest creative potential.

We all carry the intelligences within us that are key to living a fullfilling life, but not all of  hem have been fully understood and cherished by our modern society. These intelligences are what the world and society need most now to overcome the daunting challenges facing our uncertain future.

We need to decelerate while the world around us accelerates, because we know we need to allow ourselves to sync with the rhythm of nature to connect more deeply to our true selves.

  • When was the last time you were out in nature with time to open up your senses and observe the beauty around you?
  • Are you really inspired by what you do, or do you have the feeling there’s more to living a purposeful life?
  • Aside from business meetings, when was the last time you enjoyed a meaningful conversation?
  • What are your tools and practices to center yourself and connect to your inner sources of energy?


While each of us is on a different life journey – and we will each walk it in our way – we share the need to turn down the volume on the outside world in order to listen more deeply to our inner voice.

We need to quest – to find new and better answers for ourselves and humanity.


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