More than often innovation is seen as a technical issue that can be managed by a structured and well defined innovation process. The human dimension is sometimes overlooked or ignored.

Both dimensions are important but to go into the unknown in order to find the real new is never a technical or a professional issue – it is much more a psychological issue. There is a difference between the execution part (e.g. tough time schedules) and the exploration part of the new. The challenge is that the creation part requires a different relation to time. One dimension is you have to let go of what you know long enough to get lost in the unknown. You have to do it individually and you have to do it collectively. Our ego structure – as soon as we go into the unknown – does not say this is going to be a bit difficult, it tells us that this is life threatening.

And here the nowhere practice come in: how to support people in this phase of the process which is so important if you want to create something new? How to hold the space and use creative tension in order to let the new emerge?

These are the skills of a post-conventional leader, one who can integrate diverse perspectives, work with creative tension and tap into the collective intelligence. nowhere’s Leadership programme has therefore been designed to help leaders catch a glimpse of this post-conventional realm, and at the same time introduce them to these practical skills.

4th realm

Riding the Creative Rollercoaster

A leadership programme on how to hold space for innovation

The creative rollercoaster – which is a central part of the nowhere practice – can be seen on one level as a metaphor for riding the highs and lows of the creative process. On another level it is also a map for designing and catalysing creative insights and collective breakthrough. But riding the creative rollercoaster is last but not least a lived experience.

In nowhere’s “Riding the Creative Rollercoaster” leadership programme the participants are touching all three levels. They experience what it means to work both with the known and the unknown, they individually and collectively embark and go for a ride, accelerating into the unknown, feeling the discomfort but finally earn the breakthrough. And they learn new skills to design and catalyse breakthrough.